Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been promised

Both a 109" and a 110" Salisbury rear axle.

Total cost, nothing. Next mission then is to get them here (both are in different bits of Cumbria), and make one good axle from two... with a 3.5 ratio.
Then find a 2.6 to Salisbury rear prop, and I'm in business in that department.

I've also come to the conculusion that I should up NOG's idle speed a bit.
I counted the exahust beats today, while sat at the lights on my way home(yes, it is that slow), for a timed minuite, and came to the concusion that she was probably doing about 200-250rpm. Not quite as good as my P4 car, which would idle at under 100 rpm, but then she needs a tune up worse than bad. That and the P4 car had twin little carbs. On NOG's big 1.75, I suspect that it is struggling at that sort of speed to make enough vaccum to get the pots fed anything like evenly. Particularly when one is coasting slowly forward in a queue on the brakes, which means the servo is working a lot.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day, another halfshaft

Yours truely is getting very tired of removing and refitting NOG's rear diff.
This is because in the last 5000 miles, he has broken 2 halfshafts, and 3 diffs.
Latest effort was a halfshaft, which went while moving forward in a queue in stockport, on my way to Landranger Services to buy a halfshaft, as I was on a borrowed one as it was...
All credit to the lads at Landranger, they brought me down a pair of halfshafts and all the gaskets with a cheery "call in tomorrow with the bits you don't need and pay up then." Talk about A1 service.

NOG is really starting to feel tired now, she has been racking up miles recently with very little by way of TLC apart from regualarly putting more water/brake fluid/engine oil/halfshafts/diffs into the relivent holes. Oh and the old condensor back on, as the "new"(year old) one fried itself while headed up the A6 towards Buxton a couple of weeks ago, and fried the points.

Now Bitsa is almost on the road, I'm starting to think about the next minor project.
Probably it will be sorting out NOG ready for the next MOT (I can put her in any time from mid July to keep my renewal in August). So far I know I need to 1) rebuild the front brakes (and while I'm at it, I'll probably strip the front axle and fit a 3.54 diff), and 2)stop the exhaust blowing - which probably means get a new manifold made.
However, I think while I'm at it, I may try and find a dead 110, and a 109" salisbury axle, and mate the two. If I do that, then at least the jolly thing might not need any more halfshafts for a bit.

Before I do that however, I'm going to sort the shed out - not a vehicle, but the old barn which I repair stuff in. Its falling down, leaks, and the floor needs concreteing worse than bad. I might even did a pit while I'm at it.