Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been promised

Both a 109" and a 110" Salisbury rear axle.

Total cost, nothing. Next mission then is to get them here (both are in different bits of Cumbria), and make one good axle from two... with a 3.5 ratio.
Then find a 2.6 to Salisbury rear prop, and I'm in business in that department.

I've also come to the conculusion that I should up NOG's idle speed a bit.
I counted the exahust beats today, while sat at the lights on my way home(yes, it is that slow), for a timed minuite, and came to the concusion that she was probably doing about 200-250rpm. Not quite as good as my P4 car, which would idle at under 100 rpm, but then she needs a tune up worse than bad. That and the P4 car had twin little carbs. On NOG's big 1.75, I suspect that it is struggling at that sort of speed to make enough vaccum to get the pots fed anything like evenly. Particularly when one is coasting slowly forward in a queue on the brakes, which means the servo is working a lot.

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