Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heater valves

I ran out of coolant on my way home from church tonight.
I had some spare in a can (I always carry some water, it comes in handy), and so I was soon on my way again.

However, not before discovering the cause. NOG doesn't have a heater, and as far as I know, has never had one. However, the engine, not being the original, has a SIII heater valve, and this had started leaking. I suspect it had been weeping for a bit, and I'd not noticed, because of course, being rather warm, anything that leaked would evaporate away straight away - certainly I've known water was going somewhere for a bit.

Anyway, no question it was leaking now - it was gushing water like a geyser. I'll smother it in chemical metal tomorrow, drive to a plumbers merchants, if I can find an open one, and buy a pair of blanking plugs. Problem solved then.

Still the irony of a breakdown caused by a totally un-neccesary fitment is a little annoying.

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