Sunday, March 22, 2009

The fun never stops...

Shortly after my last post, Glen and the spare diff arrived - I shoved it in the hole, and low and behold all worked and I had drive again. The interesting news is that the spare diff turned out to be 3.54 ratio... which means that top gear is now really high. Really really high. She still goes like stink on the flat, (I had to throttle back several times on the motorway for the Tdi 90 Glen was driving to catch me up again, and I could pull away from him with no problems at the traffic lights ) however hills now require use of gears that once were merely rumoured to exist - 2nd in particular. This would be Ok if 2nd hadn't developed a nasty whine that apparently fortells its demise shortly if I carry on driving it. Not good.

As a result, I have hatched a plan of cunning, courage and audacity - namely to take a couple of days off, yank the box out, stick the bellhousing on Bitsa's old box, and bung that in instead... wish me luck - assuming I get the time off.

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